Vikram Vedha song ‘Bande’ out | Hrithik Roshan Vs Saif Ali Khan

The song shows both sides preparing to face and challenge each other.'Ek aparadh Ek Dand,' dialogue sounds magnificent.

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The most awaited Vikram Vedha is approaching around the corner of September. The actors have nailed their marketing and advertisements. Even though the movie is a remake of this same name in Malayalam long back. The fans can’t wait to see the recreation of the hit movie with their favorite actors in it. The movie will have a cop and criminal chase, but the twist is that it will be harder to identify the villain of the movie. Vikram is said to be an anti-hero for now, and the people are expected to root for Vedha. As of his generous and logical nature even after being the bad guy.

The movie is in its last leg, the only thing left for it to release. While the makers are releasing glimpses of the movie, by a video song or a through title tracks, people are loving it even more. To see Hrithik Roshan on the big screen, and for a very long time after last he played the villain’s role, people are excited. Under the trailer, a fan wrote, ‘Hrithik Roshan playing the villain is impeccable … completely stun by his acting. 5 stars in advance for Hrithik phenomenal acting.’


Vikram Vedha song ‘Bande’ is fire

To talk about the new song, it’s the BGM for the whole movie. The song shows both sides preparing to face and challenge each other. In the narration of Hrithik Roshan’s powerful voice, the dialogue, ‘Ek aparadh Ek Dand,’ sounds magnificent. The songs show two sides of the story in the movie, Hrithik’s Vedha’s side, and Saif’s Vikram’s side. The lyrics follow, “Bande Kala Kya Safed Kya.. Ki Dono Mein Hai Bhed Kya.. Yeh Kham-Kha Nazar Ki Dhool Hai… Bande Bhale Bure Mein Fark Kya… Hai Swarg Kya Hai Nark Kya… Yeh Paap-Punya Sab Fizool Hai …Kya Khoya Kya Paaya Jaan Lai …Maya Hai Sab Maya Jaan Lai …Dharm Kya Adharm Kya …Yeh Waqt Pe Kaun Samjha.” The genius lyrics are from Manoj Muntashir.


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