Khakee: The Bihar Chapter: Who is Chandan Mahto? Watch this crime thriller series on Netflix

A new web series has arrived on Netflix, 'Khakee: The Bihar Chapter'. This crime thriller series is full of action and drama

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

A new web series has been released on Netflix last Friday called ‘Khakee: The Bihar Chapter’. The series is based on the book written by IPS officer Amit Lodha. In which, he has told the complete truth of the incidents that happened during his posting in Bihar. Ever since the release of this series, the most discussed gangster is Chandan Mahto. Everyone wants to know who is this person who terrorized Bihar? Let us know in this report..

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Such is the story of ‘Kahkee: The Bihar Chapter’

About twenty five years ago, there was a time when Bihar was notorious all over the country for incidents like murder, dacoity, kidnapping. Everyday, in the news that remained in the headlines, one or the other news was related to Bihar. This series has been prepared by connecting these incidents. There are two main characters in this web series, one is Amit Lodha(IPS) and other is Chandan Mahto(Gangster). In this report, we are going to introduce you to the real life Chandan Mahto.

His real name was Pintu, not Chandan

Actually, his real name was Pintu not Chandan Mahto. Pintu was the most dangerous and vicious gangster of the Ashok Mahoto gang. And at that time Ashoka`s gang used to rule Bihar. Pintu Mahto was accused of killing congress MP Rajav Singh and also of BDO. However, Pintu was acquitted in almost all the cases due to lack of evidence. This gangster had 30 murders and kidnapping cases. In the year 2022, along with his friends, he had also escaped by breaking the jail of Nawada. He was also accused of killing two policemen before breaking the jail. ‘Kahaee: The Bihar Chapter’ is the story of his all the crimes. On the other hand, Amit Lodha with the help of his intelligence and technology, arrested Pintu in just three months.

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