Sonu Sood helps Bihar Girl ‘Graduate Chaiwali’ as her Stall Seized

‘Graduate Chaiwali’ asked for help on social media, Sonu Sood assured that her teal stall will not be bothered by any authority.

Sonu Sood helps Priyanka Gupta AKA Graduate Chaiwali

Sonu Sood came forward to help Priyanka Gupta well known as Graduate Chaiwali. Priyanka Gupta runs a tea stall with the name ‘Graduate Chaiwali’ in Patna, Bihar. Last month Municipal Corporation seized her stall under the anti-encroachment campaign, and the girl tried his best to fight them. As there was no result, so she decided to ask for help on social media. Eventually, the video goes viral. Recently she got a lot of appreciation on social media as she is an independent woman and working in the state of Bihar. A lot of celebrities reacted to the video but not a single one came forward to help. Sonu Sood is the only one who extends help to her.

Who is Graduate Chaiwali?

Priyanka Gupta AKA ‘Graduate Chaiwali’ is an economics graduate, who started a tea stall near Patna Women’s College in 2022. She failed to secure any job in the last two years and in compulsion to start a tea stall. She got viral recently because of her courage to sell tea in Bihar. It is said that women’s oppression in Bihar is the most. Earlier this week she shared a video in which she is confronted that her tea stall was being targeted. Even though other small business was also removed. She claimed that there are opposing forces who don’t want her to do business.

She told News18 while crying, “I thought of doing something unique in Bihar and people supported me also. But I am in Bihar where women are confined to home. We girls also share the same rights and have the right to move forward. There are soo many illegal activities going on in Patna but the system will not see that. But if a girl goes forward everyone tries her to pull down. There is no right for me to do business.”

Sonu Sood tweeted “Arrangements have been made for her teal stall and no one will bother her. Soon I am coming to Bihar and will enjoy the tea.” Priyanka also shared her first franchise tea news on her Instagram.

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