Will Netflix’s The Witcher survive without Henry Cavill

'Henry Cavill originally committed to "The Witcher" for seven seasons,..' said sources

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If you’re a fan of “The Witcher,”  you’ve already seen the news. Can the Netflix fantasy series really survive without Henry Cavill? Liam Hemsworth is taking over the role of Gerald, aka the Witcher. Henry Cavill was originally playing the role very beautifully in the eyes of the watchers. Hemsworth certainly has the looks and chops to portray the stoic,  powerful Geralt of Rivia. However, Cavill owns the role so thoroughly that many fans have been reflexively hitting the eject button after the recasting news, which can turn out to be fatal for the franchise that runs a show after the main character’s name.

Henry Cavill allegedly made what commitment to the makers of the show

Likewise, Hemsworth now faces a humongous responsibility to play the people’s favorite Gerald with the same if not better huff and gruff as the old lead Cavill. Henry Cavill originally committed to “The Witcher” for seven seasons,  and since the Nilfgaardian storyline will likely swallow a whole bunch of Season 3 hours,  the Wild Hunt could indeed chill out for the majority of the season, only to make its charge at the optimal moment for Hemsworth to tag in for Season 4. However, get the timing wrong,  and there’s the risk that a notable portion of viewers will clock out with Cavill.Like it or not, it seems that Season 4  will definitely be a watershed moment  for “The Witcher.”

Henry Cavill

If the show can manage its sprawling cast of characters, introduce cool enough plotlines, and handle the transition from  Cavill to Hemsworth with grace, it has conquered a challenge that puts Geralt’s worst in-universe enemies to shame and is effective and invincible as long as Netflix’s algorithms smile on it. If not … well, at least it was fun while it lasted.”The Witcher” has all the tools to make the change work. But when the pressure is mounting and the biggest star of the show is leaving.

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