SHE-HULK CONTROVERY Twitter divides in two

Jennifer Walters said that she is soo good at controlling her anger because she does infinitely more than Bruce.

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As the hype of Marvel’s She-hulk is streaming across the globe and allegedly the protagonist is having a toxic female ego. On this, the argument refreshes every week after every Thursday when another episode outs. The show stars Jennifer Walters as a lawyer who is a cousin to the legendary Bruce Banner/Hulk. Even this is told by Jen herself. Breaking the 4th wall while addressing the audience who were there to watch the show. Yes just like Deadpool She-Hulk can too talk to the audience breaking the 4th wall.  Also Read

She-Hulk is a normal marvel cinematic universe show, nothing special, nothing too good. Unlike the movies, the show is just ‘Mid’ more like from ‘MID cinematic Universe’. There are two groups on Twitter divided on the basis of gender, one gender wishing death upon ‘all men’ and another side of alpha males thinking being a misogynist somehow fuels their sigma personality.


She-Hulk hates all males because they are ‘men’

All this controversy originated from one scene specifically. Jennifer Walters said that she is soo good at controlling her anger because she does infinitely more than Bruce. Which led to making the people analyze other scenes more. The first 30 mins of the episode are for explaining why Hulk is possibly the best person on the whole planet to teach the ‘Hulk-ing’ to another person. From losing relationships(Avengers: Age of Ultron, him and Natasha), to being a liability to the team(The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ironman vs Hulk).


After realising his violent and destructive nature putting himself in a inter-galactic quarantine and inslaved for 2 years. Forced to fight people as a gladiator (Thor: Ragnarok). Hulk is reminded time and then his failures, after getting his mother killed by his father in his early age, life of Bruce Banner wasn’t easy.


She-Hulk doesn’t only disrespects Hulk but also doesn’t care about all of the pain and sacrifices. Jennifer Walter aka She-Hulk crashes the car that she was driving, wounding her hand. Then somehow Bruce’s blood enters her bloodstream of hers. So after getting powers from a ‘male’ she turns into a monster and attacks a bunch of men hitting on her. Before she could kill her, again saved by Hulk, a male. If you actually look closely every male character in the series is somehow related to the hate of the protagonist. Say it be Pug, her boss, Arthur, wong, and even her own brother Hulk at some points of the story.


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