Deadpool 3 **CONFIRMED** Ryan Reynolds announces

Ryan casually asks Hugh if he wants to be Wolverine one more time, to which Hugh replies that 'Yeah, sure Ryan' casually.

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Last night Ryan Reynolds did something totally unexpected, while the Indian audience was sleeping it was morning at Ryan’s. Ryan Reynolds announces Deadpool 3 with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the movie. Fans were expecting something from the Deadpool franchise at the D23 event that was recently hosted by Marvel. Since it was long-awaited and somewhat expected, Ryan Reynolds finally announced the movie and its release date in his own style on youtube from his channel.

According to Ryan, ‘We need to stay true to the character, Find new Depth and motivation, new meaning. Every Deadpool needs to stand out and stand apart. It’s been an incredible challenge that has forced me to reach down deep inside.’ The movie will release on the 9th of September 2024.

Ryan Reynolds announces Deadpool in his style

At the time when everybody was sleeping Ryan posted a video on youtube telling about the ‘Deadpool Update’ which was hilarious. The video starts with Ryan Reynolds apologizing and explaining his efforts for the story of Deadpool. The actor said, ‘Hey, everyone. We are extremely sad to have D23 missed. But we are working very hard on the next Deadpool film for uh, good long now. I had to really search my soul on this one.’


Saying this the actor then starts to sarcastically search for the deep meaning of Deadpool, walking in the woods profoundly, and thinking about it day and night, in the gym, on the bed, in the kitchen everywhere. The motivational-hopeful music stops. Then the actor says even after this much he couldn’t come up with not even a single idea. We see a glimpse of Hugh Jackman walking behind while he telling all this stuff which is hilarious. Given the kind of roasting relationship, they’ve had in the past.

Ryan casually asks Hugh if he wants to be Wolverine one more time, to which Hugh replies that ‘Yeah, sure Ryan’ casually. Now, this is special because we all remember Hugh Jackman’s announcement that he will never be Wolverine again after Logan. Logan was Hugh Jackman’s perfect retirement movie. Now it can’t be said how they are planning to bring Logan back after his death since the writing is in its early stages.


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