Satish Kaushik daughter shared such a picture with the actor

Now recently his daughter Vanshika has shared a picture with the actor.

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Satish Kaushik, who brought a big smile to the faces of the followership by playing characters like Airport, Pappu Pager, and Muthu Swamy, broke the hearts of the suckers to say farewell to the world. Satish Kaushik, 66, failed of a heart attack. There was a pall of dusk in Bollywood after the news of the stage actor’s demise surfaced on Thursday.

After the death of the actor, one of his roles with his daughter Vanshika went viral on social media, seeing which the eyes of the suckers came wettish. Now lately, his 12- time-old daughter has participated in such a picture with her father seeing which his suckers agonize.

The daughter  participated in a heart-touching picture

Stager actor Satish Kaushik’s daughter participated in a veritably touching picture after her father’s death. This picture is old. In this print, little Vanshika is hypercritically hugging her father Satish Kaushik. The happiness of the father and daughter is visible in the photo. Sharing this picture, his daughter posted a heart emoji. This picture is getting decreasingly viral on social media. After seeing this print, the suckers are encouraging their daughter and are comforting her with this.

Seeing the picture of father and daughter, the heart of the suckers was filled

The departure of Satish Kaushik left his suckers teary-eyed. opening on this post of Vanshika Kaushik, a stoner wrote,’ We’ve lost our stylish horselaugh Pack timetable’. Another stoner wrote,’ Your father is always alive in you and he’s always watching you. He’s always alive in your heart and your recollections. Lots of love to you. Another stoner wrote,’ You stay strong and take care of your mama ‘. Let us tell you that Satish Kaushik was veritably close to his daughter. He indeed espoused a healthy life for his daughter by leaving one drink to non-veg.

Stars bid farewell with wettish eyes to Satish Kaushik

Satish Kaushik failed in Delhi. After which his body was brought to Mumbai via air ambulance. numerous artists had reached the house to pay their last felicitations. These include actors like Salman Khan Ranbir Kapoor, Javed Akhtar, and Anupam Kher. The artists also bid him valedictory with wettish eyes.

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