Salman Khan made Sajid and Archana friend in Shanivaar Ka Vaar

In the show, Sumbul's father apologizes to Shaleen and Tina's parents. So there Salman Khan made Sajid and Archana friends.

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

In Shanivaar Ka Vaar, Sumbul’s father and Tina’s mother clashed with each other in front of Salman Khan. Sumbul’s father kept saying that Tina’s mother should apologize to him for whatever her daughter has said on the show. Salman Khan also lashed out at Sumbul’s father. He said that you talked to Sumbul saying that you were ill, which is wrong. Shaleen’s father also jumped into this fight. A heated argument ensued between all three parents. Sumbul’s father was constantly seen defending his daughter. Sumbul‘s father did not apologize.

Salman Khan told Sumbul’s father to talk to her daughter

Salman Khan clearly said that Sumbul’s father talked to his daughter on the pretext of ill health. He said that you were giving information about the show you had seen to your daughter. Salman Khan advised him to stop watching Weekend Ka Vaar because he reached the hospital after watching the show. Salman Khan said that Sumbul’s father feels that injustice has been done to his daughter in the show. Sumbul’s father apologized to Tina’s mother as soon as he arrived. He said that he was not completely in his senses when he talked to Sumbul on the phone. Salman made Sajid-Archana bestfriend.

Earlier, The host of the show settled Sajid and Tina’s fight. He asked everyone in front of all the family members who supported whom in their fight. In front of everyone, Salman Khan also took a class with Soundarya and Priyanka. He asked why he does not support Archana. In the end, Sajid and Archana apologized to each other. Said that now he will never get into such battles. Salman Khan gave a task in which the housemates had to tell who was being used.

Archana takes Stan and Abdu’s name. Shaleen takes Ankit’s name. Tina tells Soundarya that she is being used. Nimrit told that Soundarya is using Archana. Shiva also took the name of Ankit. Abdu said that Priyanka is using Ankit. Sajid said that Soundarya and Priyanka use Archana. Most people take the name of Archana in this task. Salman Khan finally said that this time there will be no elimination in the house.

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