Bigg Boss 16: Shaleen’s father got angry on Sumbul’s father

Bigg Boss 16 huge fight between two fathers of the contestants.

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Shaleen‘s father expressed displeasure that such talk should not be done on National TV. He said that it is a cheap act to use such words for other participants. Quarrels between the contestants are often seen in the Bigg Boss house, but the new season has gone a step ahead this time. The quarrel between the family members has now reached the family.

Bigg Boss 16 has indulged in a huge fight where the fathers of the contestants

Bigg Boss 16The whole affair started when Sumbul was called to the confession room in one of the episodes and made to talk to his father. During this, Sumbul’s father asked him to show Tina and Shaleen their status on national television. Shaleen’s father has not liked this advice of Sumbul’s father. He has slammed Sumbul’s father for saying such a thing.

According to media reports, Shaleen’s father expressed displeasure and said that such talk should not be done on National TV. He said it is a cheap act to use such words about other participants, and he also expressed surprise at not editing such a statement. He further said that Sumbul is an adult. They have been sent to the show, so according to the concept, they should not get outside guidance. Apart from this while raising questions about Bigg Boss. He also said that he does not understand why so much favoritism is happening in this show.

Let us inform you that earlier, Kushal Tandon, an ex-contestant of Bigg Boss had also raised objections on this matter. He had given his opinion on social media that why only Sumbul’s father was allowed to come on the stage of Bigg Boss. He is coming on the show and telling how Sumbul is playing. Apart from this, TV actress Devoleena Banerjee has also questioned the move of Bigg Boss. Devoleena, 37, has also been a part of Bigg Boss last season.

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