OTT platforms or theatres: which is better? How OTT platforms function

Web series have now taken the place of these television shows. OTT platform instead of theaters, demand of OTT Platforms is increasing.

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar
OTT Platforms

As we all know that today’s distance is internet, where earlier we used to go out for small work, in today’s date we can do all this with our mobile. Even if they want to watch something on television, now some people prefer to watch it on their mobile phones at any time without ads. In such a situation, let us tell you that web series have now taken the place of these television shows. Due to which OTT platform has been created, but the special thing is that due to coronavirus no one can go out, so nowadays it is deciding to release films in OTT platform instead of theaters, due to this the demand of OTT Platforms are increasing. It has been very fast in the market.

What is OTT Platform? How it works

What is OTT Platform?


OTT platform means – over-the-top platform, which provides video or other digital media content through the Internet, these OTT platforms are a type of app that is found on Google Playstore, all The company has different OTT platforms, to use these OTT platforms, you have to subscribe to these OTT platforms. OTT platform was started from America and it gradually came to India, but now its demand is increasing very fast. It is mainly used for video on demand platforms, audio streaming, OTT devices, VoiceIP calls, and communication channel messaging etc.

Types of OTT Platform Services

There are 3 types of services of OTT platform, whose information is as follows:

• Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD):

In this TVOD service of OTT platform, the facility is given that if customers want to watch any of their favorite television show or movie once, then through this they can watch it on rent, or It can also be bought. For example Apple iTunes etc.

Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD):

If customers want to watch video streaming content, they have to subscribe for it, and they need to pay something for the subscription. There are many platforms in which customers can watch original content. For example Netflix, Amazon prime etc.

Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD):

Advertisements are present in this OTT service. In this, customers can watch content for free, but along with watching this content, they also have to watch ads in between, which can be any video ads.

Offered benefits and services on OTT Platforms

Which is the famous OTT platform in India (Top 5 OTT Platforms in India in Hindi):

Some of the famous OTT platforms of India are as follows:


Voot is a famous OTT platform in India, which is mostly used to watch the highlights of Colors serials. It is a video on-demand platform that is a part of the digital arm of Viacom18. Viacom 18 is one of the largest media network in India. The platform offers its viewers a vast array of content options and preferences. It has a content pool of 45,000 hours which includes – Colors (Hindi), MTV, Nickelodeon, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures and MTV Indies. It offers the biggest TV Shows, Blockbuster Movies, Toons and VOOT Originals.

2. ALT Balaji

Alt Balaji is a famous OTT platform in India, which is in news due to its adult web series. Recently this OTT platform  in news because a famous director of Alt Balaji had published content related to the insult of the Indian Army. For which this director criticized a lot on social media. ALTBalaji is an advertisement-free subscription-based service, a product of the film and television production house, Balaji Telefilms Limited. It offers 32 original shows in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Gujarati at a subscription price of Rs 300 per year. With this platform, Balaji wants to venture into clutter breaking content and have something for everyone. But there are some web series of Alt Balaji which we cannot watch sitting together with the family.


Netflix is ​​the biggest OTT player coming to India in 2015. This is a US-based video streaming company, which is now available in India at a starting subscription price of Rs.500 per month and goes up to Rs.100 per month after one month of free trial. While most OTT service platforms follow a mix of advertising-led and subscription fee-based business models, Netflix, in line with its global strategy, is ad-free in India.

4. Amazon Prime

A year after the launch of the biggie OTT player, Netflix – Amazon Prime Video launches in India. Currently it costs Rs.999 per year. According to director of content at Amazon Prime Video India, India accounts for the largest number of prime members, which are the fastest growing among the 16 countries that are present on the platform. India is a price sensitive country and with its low cost subscription fee it gives users great value for money.

5.  Hotstar

Hotstar is a Star network product which was launched in February 2015. It has rapidly grown to become one of the largest video-on-demand platforms in the country. Hotstar is the only platform where the best of TV shows, movie premieres and live sports and events from around the world are available under one platform. It is the only service with content partnerships with the top three global studios – HBO, Fox and Disney.

Why OTT Platforms Are Dominating Traditional Platforms?

Even before the corona virus and lockdown, OTT i.e. over-the-top services were increasing their lead. In lockdown it has become inevitable in terms of entertainment. Now a large group is dependent on it. Recently, a news came, in which it said that Bollywood films are also going to be release on OTT during the lock down.

Regarding this, Karan Johar, the big producer of the film industry. Clarified that there is no official information on this yet, so friends of the media should wait for it. Just think, where theaters are currently closed across the country. Now the talk of using OTT platform as an alternative has started to arise. In fact, no one can deny it completely.

This is the reason that in the coming time, people will avoid the traditional platforms and focus more towards OTT platforms. When people will get everything in their mobile sitting at home then why people will waste their energy, going out.

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