Class Web Series Review: Netflix’s web series Class talks on the issue of class struggle

Class Web Series Review is streamed on the series platform on Friday

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

In the context of Netflix’s latest series Class Web Series, if we use a pun, then two meanings of the class come to the fore here – class or school and class. The story of the class has been fabricated and shown by threading these two words. There is hardly any society that is not divided ideologically.

Class is a story of such division, which presents the gap between two classes economically through a school and students. Students coming from poor economic backgrounds become untouchables of elite-class children.

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Class Web Series team and story

However, the series doesn’t take sides and lets the characters flow with the flow of the story, which doesn’t seem preachy. The story of the social system being wired on economic grounds later turns into a thriller. Adaptation of the Spanish drama Elite. The Ashim Ahluwalia-directed series is an adaptation of the Spanish teen drama Elite. The layer of foreign series can be felt in its visuals. Ashim brings the story to South Delhi, where it is set in the fictional Hamptons International School.

Some children from weaker income groups are admitted based on scholarship. The children of the noble family pass this displeasure. Children are getting modern education, but the conservative thinking carried over from generations is deeply ingrained, due to which the process of harassment begins. Things take a turn for the worse when a student is found murdered. When the investigation starts, a lot seems to be complicated. characters affect the biggest feature of Class is its character template. It holds the way it’s drawn. At the center of the story are the three main characters Saba Manzoor, Dheeraj Kumar Valmiki, and Balli Sherawat. All three come from the slum area. However, the mood of all three is different. Saba is a hard working girl.

Dheeraj is a sensitive and truthful boy true to his name. Balli is of Mastmaula nature. These three characters are played by Madhyama Saigal, Piyush Khati, and Siwayal Singh respectively.

The drama turns into a suspense thriller as the eight-episode series progresses. The class struggle taking place in the class also seems cliche. Incidents of this nature have been seen in many Hindi films. However, his presentation is different in the series.

Great acting by debutants

The hypocrisy of thinking has been attacked in the class. Personal thinking about an issue changes when it is related to our personal life. What seems right in another’s case turns wrong in our case. In the writing of the series, sexual frustrations are crammed through the characters. Although there is less talk about s*xual orientation in films, there has been a lot of discussion on it in the OTT space. The subject has also been talked about through homosexual characters in the class. The biggest strength of the show is the acting of the cast. Teen dramas were not made very much in the Indian entertainment world, but due to OTT, many series are coming.

However, there are still not many such crime-based teen dramas. Class fills that gap, but one has to sit with an open mind to watch the series. A shim’s direction is smooth. He moves the story from paper to camera with fluidity.

Main actors- Gurfateh Peerzada, Anjali Sivaraman, Ayesha Kanga, Siyyal Singh, Madhyama Saigal, Piyush Khati, etc.

Director- Ashim Ahluwalia

Platform- Netflix

Duration- About an hour per episode

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