Chris Hemsworth And His *INSANE* Extraction 2 Trailer Released, Arriving On Netflix

Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as Tyler Rake features the actor being set on fire. The sequel is twice the tactical.

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The first official Extraction 2 trailer features Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as Tyler Rake. Features the actor being set on fire. Sam Hargrave, a former stuntman turned filmmaker, will once again helm the sequel. Which is also being made by Joe and Anthony Russo. Rake sets out on a new assignment in Extraction 2. Moving from the busy Indian city streets of the first movie to a chilly and wintry Eastern European location.

The complete teaser for Extraction 2, teases the bloody jail brawl and the long-term ramifications of Rake’s gunshot wounds. It has just released by Netflix as the sequel’s release date draws near.

See the most recent trailer below:

The video teases a spectacular combat sequence atop a moving train. Giving us our first look at the young woman who appears to be Rake’s new extraction target. Although the first movie had some exciting and skillfully choreographed battle scenes. The second movie seems to be pushing things to a whole new level.

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Chris Hemsworth starrer Extraction 2 teaser out Twice the action

What the trailer revealed about the Chris Hemsworth starrer

The conclusion of the first film hinted at Rake’s survival. Extraction 2 appears to be going into more detail. About what happen to him after getting shot in the neck and falling into the river. Rake did indeed succumb to natural causes, according to a voice in the teaser. Which even briefly depicts the hero’s unconscious. In the trailer for Extraction 2. During the jail riot scenario, Rake receives a head injury, and it appears that this injury may still be having an impact on his cognition.

Chris Hemsworth

Rake may have been technically dead, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped him from quickly dispatching a large number of adversaries.

The jail riot scene previously revealed to be a part of the sequel’s extended opener sequence. It contains the same sharply defined and well-orchestrated violence as the original film. Rake drove, shot, and fell from rooftops during the action beats of the previous film’s action sequence.  It appears that Extraction 2’s action sequence will try to top this with an even bigger and more audacious set piece.

Chris Hemsworth

The young woman whois  Rake’s new assignment  reveal in the teaser. Even though it is short on detailed tale elements. The reasons why the young woman needs to be remove aren’t made apparent in the video. A plot summary released last year indicate that a Georgian mobster will be the main antagonist. Posing a threat to the young woman and her family. Rake’s perilous new task will presumably become clearer. As more details and movie footage are hopefully made public as the Extraction 2 release date draws near.

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