Chris Hemsworth starrer Extraction 2 teaser out, ‘Twice the action’

'There's a moment when you say to yourself. It can't be done, instead of backing down, you push yourself forward, in the unknown.'

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Chris Hemsworth (famous for his role of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) is back on Netflix. He is dropping another bomb after his last movie Extraction on Netflix. Netflix India released the teaser of Extraction 2. The teaser is all about the scenes of the making of the movie. Director’s not and also their expectation and prediction about the movie.

‘There’s a moment when you say to yourself. It can’t be done, instead of backing down, you push yourself forward, in the unknown.’ The powerful dialogue made by Hemsworth signifies the intensity of the movie. ‘Where the landscape is ever evolving. Where everything you got there doesn’t mean a thing. Unless you can do it bigger and better than ever before.’ With heavy-packed action scenes, claiming to even surpass what Extraction 1 was made up of, Extraction 2 is on its way set new standards.

Chris Hemsworth and Director Sam Hargrave’s effort

The director already explains at the beginning of the teaser that, with ‘2’ after the title is promising twice everything that we liked about the movie, its action, and its story. Sam said, ‘With a title ‘2’ behind your name, you have to bring at least twice the action.’ The movie is taking place in the urban environment and also in the dunes just like the last time.


With top-tier cinematography and camera work, the director also explains the unique style of filming the movie. In the teaser, the director revealed, ‘In Extraction 1 we had a major compilation of action scenes that felt like one continuous shot. We call that a ‘one-er’ in Extraction 2 we are pushing even further. With the sequel we are more intricate and extreme than before,’ added the director. From one-shot scenes to a real helicopter landing on a real train. The movie promise to make you sit on the edge of your seat. According to the makers, the end results will blow away people’s minds.


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