Thank God movie review part 2 Ajay Devgn stares us down arm twisting us

Thank god is the type of movie, that kind of tries into making you a better person. In some instances CG or Ajay Devgn stares us down into us.

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Thank god is the type of movie, that kind of tries into making you a better person. In some instances, CG or Ajay Devgn stares us down arm twisting us into becoming Kinder less lustful more truthful beings. He shows up on the bedside of Ayan just as he’s about to fulfill his lust, not to tell him that infidelity is immoral but to tell him that lust towards women is immoral that has an antidote to see the image of your mother plastered on the face of the woman, which is impractical and totally doesn’t fit into the situation.

The tone of this film is broken often scenes feel like comic actors in a melodrama or melodramatic actors in a comic film the mismatch is jarring as though the tone of a scene was an afterthought fixed during the dubbing which has its own personality sometimes muffled sometimes synchronized sometimes off Malhotra fails his hands too much hoping it’s able to convey what his face just cannot. it does the work a little bit too much the excitement is too exciting the sadness too sad The Joy too joyous.

Verdict of Thank God

But ultimately thank God makes being morally clipped and Prim looks so boring you prefer the arrogance and the lust and the ineptitude. Rakul Preet’s character Ruhi is the perfect wife apologizing when Ayan throws a tantrum sexualizing a moment when he is the one with the erotic range of a rock.  we forget that creating this perfect woman on screen too is active lazy writing.  to give Ruhi layers and shades a graph in emotional range requires thought and intention which neither of the writers Akash Kaushik nor Madhur Sharma does.

Thank God

Her Perfection has this Halo that is so compromisingly tried to give us a saint when we needed some salt in the storytelling. Having said that the terrible hypocritical edge of such Cinema is that it is unable or perhaps unwilling to embrace its trashy potential merely puncturing this moral.

The movie overall is a one-timer drama, with a unique storyline and average acting, and some funny one-liners. Few instances make you introspect and few make you cringe.

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