“Sorry.. I am sorry!”, said Urvashi Rautela To Rishabh Pant

In the video she said, "Seedhi Baat No Bakwaas. Isiliye I won’t do any bakwas, ’. She went on to add, “All that I want to say is that… what do I say... Nothing! Sorry... I am sorry!"

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Urvashi Rautela, who is a Bollywood actress, nowadays is a topic of discussion because her interview, in which she allegedly made a comment on an Indian cricket player. According to her abbreviation of Mr. RP, it is Rishabh Pant.

In a recent video on social media, Urvashi Rautela is apologizing and is straightforward. In the video she said, “Seedhi Baat No Bakwaas. (Straight forward and no beating around the bush). Isiliye I won’t do any bakwaas, ” when there was a direct question about her Mr.RP, she said, “All that I want to say is that… what do I say… Nothing! Sorry… I am sorry!

Urvashi Rautela’s controversial interview

In an interview, Urvashi Rautela opened up about when she went to a University for something, and she was greeted with the chant one name on the people voice, according to her crowd was teasing her with the name of ‘Mr. RP’. In the interview, Urvashi said, “I was shooting in Varanasi and had a show in New Delhi. I was shooting full day and at the night I had to get ready for the show. Mr. RP was waiting for me in the lobby. But I was so tired after the show that I slept off. I got several calls. When I woke up I saw about 16 to 17 missed calls. Out of respect, I felt bad that someone was waiting for me. I am not one of those girls who will let someone wait just because he is a guy.”

Urvashi Rautela


As it was, she was talking about famous Indian Cricketer Rishabh Pant. To reply to this Rishabh Pant wrote on his Instagram stories, “It’s funny how people lie in interviews just for some meager popularity and for hitting the headlines. Sad how some people are so thirsty for fame and name. May God bless them. #merapichachorhoBehen #jhutkibhilimithotihai.”

Urvashi Rautela did an absurd comment

Even after removing his story from Instagram, Urvashi Rautela did a post on her social media, in which she said, “Chotu bhaiyaa should play bat ball. Main koyi munni nahi hoon badnam hoon with young kiddo darling there liee #Rakshabandhanmubarakho #rpchotubhaiya #cougerhunter #donttakeadvantageofasilentgirl”.

Urvashi Rautela

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