Samantha reveals shocking truth about her ex husband Naga Chaitanya

Samantha opposes by giving an assertion to the public that she is absolutely no emotions regards her ex husband.

Prerna Dash
Prerna Dash

An uncertain divorce of admired couple Samantha and Naga Chaitanya, their fans are keen to know link between them. Samantha Ruth Prabhu divulge about her life after separation with her ex-husband beyond any hesitation. It is damnable announcement for south film industry counting with both of their fans. So the question is arise what is relation is between Samantha and Naga. Recently she is being popular for the sensational song Oo Anatava, where she put herself into an eye- grabbing performance. Ultimately the song was a megahit and its becoming a trend in the middle of time. However in her attainment its nothing seems to be miserable and suffering. Instead she come up with an optimistic attitude with self- encouragement.


Samantha with Karan

In a fresh time Samantha appears to be on a Television show named Koffee with Karan. Revealing that there are hard feelings between the former couple. She added that its not an amicable situation right now. Karan manipulatively asking questions related to her ending up love story, straightly she refuses to give answers.

What Samantha confront to her fans

Samantha separate with Nga

On media screen Samantha opposes by giving an assertion to the public that how much they both sever to one and all. By giving a statement “if Samantha and Naga both were locked up in a room then sharp things like knife should be hide from an eye”. Because nobody knows what will happened amongst to them also no idea what they will do with one another. It is a big roger to the audiences and a bit appalling, which show she is absolutely no emotions regards her ex husband.

Back of long duration of breaking off, giving the impression of unchanged behavior allying the two. Believer of love Samantha, she never thought of her unsuccessful love relationship. What tragic happened to the couple, the ideal couple are not together now. The mystery is unrevealed till now except to their close ones. Not only divorce but the couple become antagonist for each other.

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