Salaam Venky Trailer: Kajol had refused to work in ‘Salaam Venky’, know how she agreed

The trailer of Kajol`s film 'Salaam Venky' got launched. In the event Kajol said that first she refused to do this film after hearing script.

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

The trailer of Revathi`s directorial venture ‘Salaam Venky released today in Mumbai. In this film, Kajol is playing the role of a mother who is standing as a wall in front of his son deadly disease. When Kajol was first offered the film, she declined after hearing the script, as she could not play the role of a mother who would watch her son die in front of her. Kajol herself is a mother of two children. She could not even imagine how could she play the character. Then Revathi asked her to listen to the entire script once before refusing.

Watch the trailer here:

Words of director and Kajol on the event of ‘Salaam Venky’ trailer launch

Both actor and director gave an emotional speech on the event of ‘Salaam Venky’ trailer launch. According to Revathi, life is a celebration, it is not important how long life is, it is important how big life is. Kajol says, ”I have seen the film ‘Phir Milenge’ directed by Revathi. I liked the film very much, that`s why i thought that i have to work under Revathi direction. When she narrated the script of ‘Salaam Venky’, at first i refused, because even if we have an enemy, we cannot think about him that his child is going to die, I am mother myself and i cannot bear the pain of the mother. I can understand but when Revathi narrated the complete script, i felt that the film should be done.

In last there is the glimpse of Aamir Khan in this film:

Aamir Khan is also the surprise package in this film. At the end of the trailer of ‘Salaam Venky’, Kajol is praying for her son`s recovery in the hospital. A glimpse of Aamir Khan has also been seen in this scene. The story of the film and the plot of the trailer reveal that Aamir Khan will be seen playing a major role in Kajol family in this film

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