Ratan Rajput: Ratan Rajput opened the secrets of glamor world, told why he is growing suicide cases

Ratan Rajput shared a video. In this, she talks about the condition of the industry and the increasing case of suicide.

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

Television actress Ratan Rajput, who became a household name with ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’, often remains in headlines these days. Ratan has been away from TV for some time now, but she stays connected with her fans through social media. Ratan makes vlogs and shares moments of her life with her fans. At the same time, the actress has shared a video in which she is talking about high and low class. Along with this, Ratan also told the truth of the glamor world to the people.

Ratan Rajput has shared a video

Ratan Rajput has recently shared a video saying this about the high class society. In this, she is seen saying that it is necessary to talk about the condition of the industry. She says, ‘There are so many such cases, seeing which we say that man should not have committed suicide. Why did you take this step? Boss, it’s these kinds of things that shake us up. The entertainment industry is consider high class. Small people came and shone in this high class society. There is openness in the lower class. They will fight, clash but will keep focus on their work.

She exposed high class society

Further, Ratan says that I am from Patna, Bihar and am in the entertainment industry. I have seen the life that people aspire for. I have seen him from afar as well as from near. I connect with real people, not fake people. Here there is a problem of housing, there is a problem in paying rent, but in order to look high class, they change their lifestyle by taking a loan. Think how much burden these people have to look high class. High class is not made by clothes and expensive vehicles, but by your thinking.

Ratan Rajput said that many times suicides happen in this high class affair and these cases are on the rise. There is no money, but people have to party to show the media. Even if there is no money for rent at home, but I have to show that I belong to a high class society. I have seen such people disappearing straight down from above. Ratan said that she never takes the burden of all these things on herself. The actress also advised the fans not to take load of anything.

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