Raju Shrivastava conscious after a 15 day struggle

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Raju Shrivastava gains consciousness after 15 days of struggling between life and death. Ace comedian-actor he is in Delhi’s AIIMS for the last half a month.

Raju Shrivastava suffered a cardiac arrest in the gym on the 11nth of August. Brought to the hospital by his trainer. According to the trainer, while he was working out on the treadmill in the gym, he suddenly collapsed and suffered to his head. It was later announced that he had suffered a heart attack and brain damage.

Till the last day, his health was declining by the day and doctors were losing all hope. Him recovering today on the 25th of August is no less than a miracle for all fans, doctors, and family.

Fans’ prayers and doctors’ effort for Raju Shrivastava

Since Raju Shrivastava’s family is managing his social media handles and giving the most accurate updates. The comment section is spammed with prayers and wishes. Everybody is wishing for their favorite comedian to get well soon. After his friend-colleague Sunil Pal’s emotional video.

raju shrivastava with his daughter

Raju Shrivastava is under observation from the AIMMS team of the Cardiology and Emergency Department which is led by Doctor Nitish Nyay. Though he is out of the death trap now he is still on the ventilator and under the top neurologist Dr. Padma Srivastava. He was summoned from Kolkata to Delhi for Raju Shrivastava’s better treatment.

The amount of happiness and satisfaction among the fans is really wholesome. From CM Yogi Adityanath providing assurance of every resource available to each and every fan praying is really admiring.

Sunil Pal’s Updates and confirms

Sunil Pal is continuously giving updates via videos and social media. He first asked people to pray for Raju Shrivastava’s health, then gave an interview in which he answered about confusion and media rumors, later he gave an update about betterment in Raju Shrivastava’s health.

Sunil Pal is friends with Raju Shrivastava since Comedy Circus and Laughter Challenge.

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