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Phone Bhoot starring Katrina Kaif, Siddhant Chaturvedi & Ishaan Khatter and directed by Gurmeet Singh is one of those comedies in which the makers throw everything at the screen, desperately hoping that something sticks.

Phonebooth Plot

Phonebooth is one of those comedies in which the makers throw everything at the screen desperately hoping that something sticks, sadly little does. The film is about two Ek no. ke losers,  Major and Gulu these two are obsessed with all things Supernatural. They share an apartment that has posters of B-grade horror films on the wall a life-size Frankenstein-like monster figure and a wallpaper that Echoes the corridor from The Shining. Shout out to art director Ramesh Yadav for creating this chaotic colorful space.

Major and Gulu short for Galileo party on Amavasya’s night. Where a female ghost named Ragini shows up they go into business with her becoming Ghostbusters and this bit including the uniforms is of course taken from the 1984 classic Ghostbusters. Eventually, this leads to Major and Gulu getting embroiled with a powerful tantric named atmaram who for reasons never explained is promising dead Souls moksha but putting them instead. What is the point of this bottle collection?

Overflowing PJs

I haven’t got a clue in any case the plot has little relevance it’s just the scaffolding to hang the film references to PJs farcical humor and puns. They have to control nature his costume. Director Gurmeet Singh and the writers insert some comic element into every single frame but the level of jokes varies from laugh-out-loud moments to lame lines that will make you groan.

Phonebooth has been produced by Excel entertainment so there are hard tips to other in-house Productions like the fukrey franchise and Mirzapur at one point the iconic music from Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gum plays at another Shiva chadda shows up as chikni-churail.

The actors wholly surrender to the madness of Siddhanta Chaturvedi and Ishan cutter alike Energizer bunnies on crack. there is nothing they will not do to make you smile both on Nimble and Lively.


Phonebooth ends on the promise of a sequel featuring a dastardly villain named Johnny Dushman inspired presumably by one of Hindi Cinema’s most successful horror films Jani Dushman and that pretty much sums up the level of laughs in this film is it’s wholly dedicated to delivering a good time and yet it’s also wholly forgettable.


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