Loki season 2 scenes **LEAKED**

Zafeer  - Writer

After the success of Marvel Studio created Loki season 1, the makers decided to continue the legacy in the last D23 event. Tom Hiddlestone, the lead actor who plays the role of Loki in the movies came on the stage to announce the upcoming show. According to the makers that announced the show in the event, Loki Season 2 will connect to The Avengers: Kang Dynasty. The moment leaks went viral on Reddit, fans couldn’t be more excited to see their new favorite supervillain in the highlights of the leaked trailer.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania is next in the pipeline for Marvel Studios, which will have Kang and Modok as its main villains. It is said that Kang in the Quantumania will be a more violent variant than the one that we saw in Loki Season 1 as the ‘One who he remains’.

Loki S2: Marvel is giving what fans asked for

The scenes and cuts that were in the leaked trailer are more likely to be in the official trailer that had to come in the summer of next year. Since the season is currently in shooting, plus the trailer is leaked so Marvel is more likely to change it.



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