Kapil Sharma Said, ‘We Are Moving Backwards,’ When Channel Asked Him Not To Use The Word ‘Pagal’

Kapil Sharma Quotes Javed Akhtar While Discussing Present Comedy Situation: It would offend people, it said.

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On Kareena Kapoor Khan’s program What Women Want, the actor-comedian Kapil Sharma made an appearance. On the program, Kapil discussed his movie Zwigato the state of comedy in India right now and other topics. He said that since anyone might be offensive or anything. Comedians must consider their words carefully. Kareena inquired as to the development of humor during the previous ten years.

In response, Kapil said that comedy had changed significantly and that writers now had to pause before beginning a script. He continued by saying that because he is from a Punjabi household. It is customary for the bride’s family to make fun of and call the groom names.

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Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma clarifies his take on ‘Body Shaming’

He continued by saying that “body shaming” and other such behaviors were a part of their culture, but that they are now known as body shaming. Kapil disclosed that the channel had instructed him not to use the word “paagal” in the program. They responded when he questioned them about it by saying that actual people with the same name are outraged. He claimed that occasionally he believes “we’re moving backward.”

Kapil Sharma

Sharma also claimed that he needs to follow rigorous rules. On what he can and cannot say when working with General Entertainment Channels (GEC). Sharma continued by stating that despite some people finding the word insulting. It is nevertheless frequently used as a term of love among family and friends.

Kapil reminisces a situation with Javed Akhtar

Then, he thought back to what Javed Akhtar had stated in an interview. According to Kapil, Javed once remarked that he couldn’t compose the script for the scene in the movie Sholay where Dharmendra speaks to Hema Malini as she is hiding behind the statue of Lord Shiv because it would offend viewers’ sensibilities. For body-shaming show participants, including his co-comedian Sumona Chakravarti, Kapil has received criticism on numerous occasions.

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