Kangana Vs Pathaan: Linking ‘Pathan’ with Pakistan – ISIS, Kangana Ranaut got stuck

Kangana Vs Pathaan: Bollywood's 'Panga Queen' i.e. Kangana Ranaut attacked Shahrukh's recent film 'Pathan'.

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

Kangana Vs Pathaan: Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s most awaited film ‘Pathan’ has been released and is earning tremendously. After more than 4 years, King Khan returned to the box office through this film and also ended the drought of Bollywood. Pathan is continuously going housefull and King Khan’s fans are also showering lots of love on her. But, Bollywood’s ‘Panga Queen’ i.e. Kangana Ranaut attacked Shahrukh’s recent film ‘Pathan’. With her return to Twitter, Kangana has messed with ‘Pathan’, on which she is now surrounded by social media users.

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Kangana Vs Pathaan

Kangana Ranaut is being trolled on social media. The actress against the content of the film Pathan, She kept his point fiercely. Actress did the film’s Pointed out the negative aspects as well. Actress Kangana Ranaut tweeted from her Twitter account, writing, I agree with those who are claiming that Pathan is a victory of love over hate, but whose love is over whose hatred? Let’s understand exactly who is buying the tickets and making it a success? Yes, this is the love and inclusiveness of India where 80 percent Hindus live and yet there is a movie called Pathan.

Kangana Boycotted Pathaan

Kangana further wrote in her tweet- ‘What shows that our enemy country pakistan and isis is successfully in good light going on, this is the spirit of India hate and Beyond judgment that’s what makes it great. It is the love of India that has conquered the hatred and petty politics of the enemies. But those who have high hopes please note, Pathan may just be a film. Only Jai Shri will echo here Ram only.

Kangana came under target of trolls for this tweet. Many users surrounded Kangana regarding this tweet. However, this did not go down well with the fans as they first praised the film and then took a U-turn. A fan told Kangana that one day’s earning of ‘Pathan’ is her lifetime’s earning.


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