Is Namor stronger than most mutant? How strong is Namor, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

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Flight and telekinesis of Namor

Breathing underwater, super strength, and controlling aquatic life are not only the superpowers of the sea king Namor.  The power to fly through the air with teeny tiny wings on his feet, of course! Namor’s mutant power of flight is one of his most recognized comic abilities. It appears his MCU debut will put it on full display, complete with those trademark wings on his ankles. Throughout the new trailer od the new Wakanda Forever trailer, we can see Namor flying and dodging the canons in combat very easily.

Though there have been instances in the comic books that the wings on his anklets are part of his powers are not. If they are not is he a mutant or not? At an interesting instance in the books, Namor once had to fight the Hulk. Namor is easily the first ever character to actually fly in the books.


The brute strength of Namor

As we’ve seen in comics and  “Wakanda Forever” clips, Namor is more than competent in both of these arenas,  possessing raw abilities that allow him to stand toe-to-toe with even the Hulk. Namor is a powerhouse when it comes to durability and super-strength, and these abilities increase exponentially when he is in the water, meaning that even if one finds Namor tough to beat on the surface, a quick dip in the ocean will make him even tougher.Wakanda

While Namor is considered among the first-ever mutant to exist in the Marvel Universe. Apart from his flight, endurance, and super strength, Namor’s arsenal also contains telekinesis and brute strength to even trouble the Hulk. His relentlessness and persuasion make him invincible against most of the characters in the movie. Namor is going to be one the strongest nemesis of Wakanda. Out of all the abilities that Namor has in the comics, it’s his telepathic abilities and intelligence that prove most commanding. If Namor weren’t powerful enough on his own, his ability to command sea life and the Talocans, with nothing but his mind might be his most imposing power.

It will be interesting to see the strength levels of the new Black Panther in the upcoming Black Panther Wakanda Forever. How they face the sea king Namor.


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