Is Diljit Dosanjh aiming for followers of “a religion”

It is a story of a hero in the times of riot than the people who did wrong things at the moment.

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Diljit Dosanjh starrer Jogi is nowadays a topic of discussion. While the movie is filled with gruesome scenes of people killing each other on the basis of religion. One group of people stood out from the other. The movie has tried its best to show both sides of the riot. How Hindus saved the Sikhs or Muslims saved the Sikhs. Diljit agreed to do the movie, minutes after reading the script.

While the makers were afraid to release the movie, in these sensitive times. According to the Jogi actor, it was important for people to know the reality of the riots.

Diljit Dosanjh and the makers were afraid of Censorship

According to the actor, they wanted to make a movie on Delhi Riots long ago. Since the issue was very ‘sensitive’ they waited, now it’s a completely different thing when the movie is released on Netflix. According to the director, they wanted this movie to be ‘uncensored’ so they decided to release it on Netflix.


When praised for his acting, Diljit humbly said that the story was soo binding and moving, even if the acting wasn’t on point, the movie would still hit the audience. It is a story of a hero in the times of riot than the people who did wrong things at the moment. ‘Kisi bhi dharm ko target nahi kia hai, ye mujhe sabse achi lagi baat’, (we have not targeted any religion, this is the best part of the movie)said the actor. ‘There is thoughtful intent of making this movie, there is a very good message. The movie is not even 1% of what happened, but what is important is that now we are actually talking about what happened then. We are even doing a movie on a platform like Netflix.’ added the actor.

The thoughtful message of the movie, no chance of controversy

When asked about, what clicked into his mind when the first time he talked to Ali. Did you trust him or not, whether his intention was right or not. The actor said, ‘Yes, definitely the thing that he was trying to convey I completely got that. I was so sure that there is no chance that the movie will give rise to a new issue in society.’



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