Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor says People Center On ‘Who You Date?’

The Actor Harsh Vardhan Kapoor said people are less focused on the films rather than they focused on "Who You date?"

Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor along with his Dad Anil Kapoor

The actor Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor tweeted which is about today’s audience. He tweets that today’s people less focus on Actor films rather than who the actor is dating. According to the actor, the audience is more focused on their celebrity’s personal life and gossip, instead of what they work for. The actor appreciated the film Monica, O My Darling which features Rajkumar Rao, Radhika Apte, and Huma Qureshi. Anmol Jamwal (Digital Content Creator) praises the film O My Darling in which Harsh Vardhan reacted and wrote. “It’s become more important where you were seen especially with who you eat and who you date than the professional front. Audiences are very much satisfied with the Bollywood Blogs rather than films in my opinion.”

O My Darling in which Harsh Vardhan reacted and wrote

Furthermore, the actor also wrote, “Monica is brilliant and all actors are fantastic, hope millions watch the films and as usual Vasan is amazing.” Vasan Bala is the director of the film, and its genre is crime comedy thriller.  It was released on the OTT (Over The Top) platform Netflix. Even the critics have given positive responses to the films. It will be interesting to see how much this film will impress the audience or not.

Who is Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor?

Harsh Varrdhan Kapor is the son of veteran actor Anil and Sunita Kapoor, and the brother of actress Sonam Kapoor. Last year, the day after his birthday the actor pointed out the blogging site and read many articles written by famous media houses on his birthday. And told them “They are wrong summarising my journey.”  The actor told “On my Birthday, I read many articles written about me in the Hindi press where they talked about my journey so far. The press is not focusing on the merit films like Bhavesh Joshi, Thar, Ak vs Ak they provide uniqueness in the cinema Industry.” Raj Singh Chaudhary directed the film Thar which also features Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor alongside his dad Anil Kapoor.

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