Happy Birthday Kamal Haasan: 5 reasons that make Kamal Haasan the all-rounder of Indian Cinema

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

Kamal Haasan does not need any introduction at the stage he is today. The actor has breathed life into many popular and memorable characters, as well as directed several hit films for over 4 decades. He has given many classic films to Indian cinema and he is not only brilliant actor but also a better director and producer. To express their love for the actor in the South, fans call him Ulaganayagan, Andavar, the all-rounder of Indian cinema. Kamal Haasan is celebrating his 68th birthday today and since morning people are wishing him a lot. Let`s take a look at the reason that prove that he is the all-rounder of Indian Cinema:

1. Capable of playing all kinds of roles:

Kamal Haasan has kept himself open to all kinds of roles from a young age. Kamal Haasan has acted in roles that have deeply touched everyone heart. His valiant efforts made him a favorite among his fans and people still adore him.

2. Kamal Haasan brings new ideas:

Kamal Haasan has brought many new technologies and ideas through his films and he is always one step ahead of other actors. Not only Tamil cinema, but he has also been an inspiration to many Indian actors. His approach towards cinema has always been clear as he choose the right entertainment to impress the fans.

3. Kamal Haasan keeps himself updated:

The 68-year-old actor has been rocking his films for decades and keeps himself updated with the films. His choice of script and new age drama films have proved his knowledge of cinema, so they are mostly hits. Along with keeping himself updated, he also shares his knowledge with the fans so that they can be developed over time. We can see this habit of the actor through his social media posts and speeches.

4. Capable of doing both commercial and classical films:

Kamal Haasan is one of those actors who are capable of doing both commercial and classical films. He has done the most work in his cinema journey of more than 60 years. He has also been a good with with both as his name has been published on box office records and awards boards. Kamal Haasan is one such Tamil actor who has received honors at most of the highest award ceremonies.

5. All-rounder

Kamal Haasan is not only an actor, but he is also an all-round star as he is also director, producer, lyricist, singer, dancer and cameraman. The most talented actors have proven their skills in every category and they continue to develop their skills as they always say that cinema has no boundaries. Apart from the big screen, he did not miss to win the hearts on the small screen s well. Because he is also hosting a television reality show Big Boss in Tamil.

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