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In Codename: Tiranga, starring Parineeti Chopra, Harrdy Sandhu & Sharad Kelkar, director Ribhu has incorporated all tropes of the spy genre. A super agent on a mission, an agent gone rogue, a dilemma between duty and love, international locations. But Ribhu has failed to organically stitch them into the screenplay.

Written and directed by Nibhu Das Gupta and starring Parineeti Chopra and Hadi Sandhu in the lead roles. The story revolves around Durga a raw agent. Who is looking for a terrorist Omar in order to catch Omar she stages a fake marriage with the doctor? But as the mission progresses she actually falls in love with the doctor. What will she choose Duty or love forms the Crux of the story in Code Name Tiranga?

Code Name Tiranga direction

Rebu has incorporated all the troops of this genre a super agent on a mission and an agent. Gone Rogue dilemma between Duty and love International locations but the reboot has failed to organically Stitch all of them into the screenplay. The scenes don’t flow organically and the characters don’t have a proper Arc screenplay doesn’t have any high points, as a result, feels boring in many places and this bad writing is complemented by bad Direction the director was not sure about the treatment whether he wants to play in a full commercial Zone like Kabir Khan’s tiger or want to go into a subtle zone of Nikhil Advani’s D-Day.

As a result, some scenes are filmed especially the love track consisting of poetic dialogues, and others means are realistic in nature without BGM this constant tonal shift is very jarring I have seen many South Indian films where even if the film’s writing is bad they cover it up with Innovative action sequences but in this film The Action doesn’t even work the action fails to create neither tension nor Goosebumps moments the staging of the scenes.

The Verdict

Finally, Chopra as Durga is not convincing at all during the action sequences her performance is not convincing as a raw agent her performance in emotional scenes is also not impactful. Whereas Harrdy Sandhu’s acting was still satisfactory given he is a singer by profession. The overall movie does entertain.

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