Bigg Boss 16 Highlights : Fahman out of the house within 24 hours

Bigg Boss 16 Fahman was out of the house as he has came to promote his upcoming show.

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Bigg Boss 16 Shukrawar Ka Vaar: Friday’s attack in Bigg Boss 16 was quite banged. Fahman’s entry came with a twist as the first wild card member, Salman Khan warmly welcomed him. Along with this, he was given a chance to tell which member of the house had a misunderstanding. Fahman first supported Archana. After which when Soundarya’s number came, he said that I do not know much about her. He also left out Stan and Sajid. Fahman Khan is out of the house. Salman Khan first targeted Sumbul. After which he told that Rahman is not the first wild card entry of the house, he has only come to promote his show. After which Fahman goes out of the house. Sumbul starts crying and is in utter shock. Abdu gets happy hearing this and says please send someone for him as he is alone here.

Bigg Boss Archana and Sajid fight again


Earlier, with the beginning of the task in the house, a series of new battles started. The task of change of power was going on in the garden area. WhTwoeams were formed, MC Stan, was the operator of this task and Priyanka was constantly accusing him of being biased. Tina, Nimrit’s team wins the task, after which chants of cheater-cheater are raised in the house. Archana Gautam was seen crying. Archana’s fight with Sajid increased so much that she was seen crying. He said that Sajid repeatedly says that he has to be evicted from the house, so Archana feels that Sajid will get her out of the show.

After which Bigg Boss sent a cake for Sajid’s birthday but while cutting it, Archana did not reach there and sat alone in her room.  Tina-Shaleen unite Sajid, Shiv, Stan, and Nimrit haand d a lot of fun with Fahman in the house. During this, Fahman was seen continuously explaining to Sumbul that he should focus on his game. However, Tina and Shaleen were not very happy to see Fahman, which was also mentioned by Salman Khan.

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