Arbaaz Khan recollects about being Freaked out as for Relationship

Arbaaz Khan divorced Malaika Arora in 2017 ending 18 years of marriage. he faced a lot of stress in terms of money, career, and relationships

Arbaaz Khan talk about Stressful moment in his life

Salman Khan’s elder brother Arbaaz Khan geared up for his upcoming series Tanaav on SonyLIV. The series will be based on the Hindi adaptation of the Israeli thriller, Fauda. The series will be premiered on 11th November on the OTT platform. Arbaaz Khan was last seen on the Malayalam film Big Brother alongside Mohan Lal. Recently the actor announced his film Patna Shukla but as a producer of the film. Recently in an interview, the actor admits that there was a time he struggles physically and emotionally. Even he freaks out about his career. He said there was not a single moment without stress whether is it Money, Career, and Relationships in his life.

Arbaaz Khan Balance Mantra

Arbaaz Khan Divorced Malaika Arora after 18 years of marriage. They married in the year of 1998 and together had one son(Arhaan Khan) on the year 2002. Talking about the stressful moment Arbaaz talked about marriage. Arbaaz told the media person ” We kept fighting with those Tanaav moments in our life. There is not a single person who is not without stress. Stress aapka Kaam (work) mein hota hai paisa ka hota hai,  heath ka hota hai ya relationship mein hota hai. (There is always stress about work, health, money, or relationship).  This continues for a lifetime. you can never stay away from stress in life. We just need to make our life balance.

Furthermore, the actor talked about balance in life, he said “I have learned to keep balance in life. Because there was a long time I faced all these. When you are in the age of twenties, you need to think about your career options, and yourself, and that stress is unbearable. But at times you have to look at the good sides. Eventually, this process happens in everyone’s life. Now I accept all the things and move on with time.” Arbaaz started his producer career with Salman Khan Dabangg in 2010

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