Akshay Kumar in Ram Setu | Ram Setu movie review Part-1

Akshay Kumar does a different approach for his recent Ram Setu. The actor's acting is noticeably different from his other movies.

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Akshay Kumar starrer Ram Setu is an exceptional movie for himself. Written and directed by Abhishek Sharma the movie is a one-timer. The movie feels like a cheap copy of ‘Raider of the lost arc,’ and more recently Karthik 2. The movie mixes facts with fiction, religion with science, and faith with proof. Ram Setu should have been a thrilling yarn instead it’s an eye-glazing opportunity lost.

The story centers around Ram Setu a 48-kilometer chain of limestone Shoals. The chain that links India’s South East Coast with Sri Lanka’s North West Coast for years. Now the bridge is the center for the religion versus science logic. Whereas Scientists believe that the bridge in the movie is a natural structure. While devout Hindus believe that the setu or Bridge was built by Lord Rama and his Varner Cena.

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar starrer Ram Setu’s mythological aspect

From setu is indeed man-made it would prove that the Ramayana is history and not mythology the story has fascinating intriguing possibilities but the film doesn’t capture even a fraction of it. Akshay Kumar plays an archaeologist named Aryan think of him as a cheap, try-hard, and fake copy of Indiana Jones. Phil begins in 2007 in Afghanistan where Aryan makes two astounding discoveries within minutes of each other Aryan is a staunch atheist early on he declares that he is a man of facts he says when he is first assigned to investigate whether the ram setu is natural or man-made his wife who’s a Believer warns him against it. As he descends into the water, his belief starts to change, he starts to understand faith beyond science and his faith changes.

Direction and Cast

Abhishek keeps religion at the Forefront of the narrative which would be more palatable if the execution had more Panache the sparkling idea is laid Low by poor writing and execution most of the characters in this film are just cardboard especially the leading lady Nusrat Bharucha almost 20 years younger who is playing Aryan’s wife Gayatri she is a professor so he calls her professor two actors are singularly unable to that you might imagine a married couple share.

Although, Ram Setu could not perform in from of the people as they could have. The movie served great potential for the director to his craft, but according to the people he somewhere left out on dedication. The movie can be seen suffering from lazy writing.

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