Tabu got injured, while shooting ‘Bhola’ coming with her new mask along Ajay Devgan

 A glass strike on right over the head Tabu’s right eye

Prerna Dash
Prerna Dash
During shooting Bhola Tabu got Injured

Actress Tabu famed in Bollywood industry is working at her next coming film ‘Bhola ‘. This time the movie shooting is going to be in Hyderabad . The bad news is for all that is an accident, Tabu has come about from the set.

A glass strike on right over the head Tabu’s right eye
As in normal routine she engage with her shooting in the morning. Actress Tabu got injured, who is performing a valorous role such as  high-ranking police officer in Ajay Devgn’s action film “Bhola”.

Where as Bhola truly it is a prevail reform of Hindi cinema. In the year of 2019 the super hit Tamil film Kaithi by  Ajay Devgan takes everyone’s heart. The idealization from changing angle over the Karthi for the remake , has again roped in Tabu to perform relatively speculum role.


In the act of accident Ajay wished Tabu to take rest

Inadequately break out from  performing a daring stunt. One of  the film in which  Tabu will be seen doing many stunts with Ajay Devgan. Through out  to origin, the accident happened midst the shooting of an action scene. When the truck and the motorcycle  got hindered and the collision was so strong that the glass hit right above Tabu’s right eye. In the course of time, the doctors was  available on the set, the injury was not very deep.

Tabu casting by the virtue of protagonist lady of the story. However she is  part of another Devgan-centric film Bhola, a remake of Kaithi. In this direction she plays an indeterminate role by the film. Not anyone fit for such major female characters in the original except a 10-year old girl who is the hero’s daughter.

The leading lady opposite Ajay would be in Bholaa curiosity  can ne seen around Tabu. Even so reportedly that search has come to the conclusion. As a fount close to the film revealed that Tabu has been carries out for the Hindi remake of Kaithi.


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