Aadipurush: After ‘Ravana’ now ‘Hanuman’ got trolled

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

Om Raut, who has directed masterpieces like Tanajhi, is constantly on social media with his film Aadipurush. He had released the teaser of his dream project Aadipurush with great expectations. But instead of applause, he has to face tremendous trolling. Netizens termed the film VFX as a cartoon and cheap game. Apart from this, there has been a lot of ruckus on the look of the characters of Aadipurush. Aadipurus`s Ravana, based on Hindu mythology is being compared to the Mughal emperor Khilji. At the same time, now Hanuman has also been dragged into this trolling and along with it. The demand for boycott of the film has also started rising.

Aadipurush getting Boycott trends:

Aadipurush stars Prabhas– Raghav, Krtit Sanon- Janki and Saif Ali Khan- Lankesh, which is inspired by the mythological tale Ramayana. At the same time, Devdutt Ganjanan Nage is playing the character of Hanuman in the film. In the teaser of the film, a leather belt was shown on his body, due to which he is doing the rounds on social media. Now the ruckus has started on his beard too. One user criticized Aadipurush`s Hanuman saying, ”Which Hindu has beard without a mustache that Hanuman is shown as such.”

Another user said, “Ramayana is our history and emotion”. Lord Hanuman is shown as a Mughal in Aadipurush. The movie should be banned.

Demanding a boycott of the film, a user said, “It is completely Islamization of Ramayana and our pride Lord Ram Ji, Maa Sita Ji, Lord Hanuman Ji. Even Saif Ali Khan who plays the role of Ravana is Aadipurush movie. They are looking like Taimur, and Khilji. Ravana has always put red tilak on his head. Ban Aadipurush.”

Remembering Ramanand Sagar`s Ramayana, one user said, ”Ramayana- The Legend Of Prince Ram my second favorite Ramayana show after Ramanand Sagar Ramayana. How beautifully he also potrayed Shri Ram, Mata Sita, Shri Hanuman and Ravana. Aadipurush cannot match this gem…”

After the boycott of Lal Singh Chadda and Brahmastra nw the film of Om Raut is in the target of Trollers. Seeing the hates on film it seems like it will be flopped before released.


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