What Kevin Feige said to James Gunn on becoming the new CEO of DC

"How he'll have any time to work on DC until May I don't know.", said Kevin

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After the viral news of James Gunn and Peter Safran becoming the new Co-CEOs of the studio, everyone is congratulating them. So how does the head of the MCU, Kevin Feige, feel about the announcement? Unsurprisingly, the MCU czar had nothing but kind things to say about Gunn’s promotion.

He insisted he’s still working closely with Gunn on the MCU. “We have a wonderful thing called The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special coming out. We  have a wonderful thing called Guardians  of the Galaxy Vol. 3 coming out in May.” Feige also voiced some light-hearted concerns about Gunn’s scheduling. He said, “How he’ll have any time to work on DC until May I don’t know.

James Gunn

They’re titans of the comic book movie world. Given the current scenario are Kevin Feige and James Gunn destined to be friends or foes? DC shocked Hollywood when they announced that  James Gunn and Peter Safran had been tapped to lead DC Studios. While DC is overseeing the film, television,  and animation for the comic book giant. Gunn, being one of the few people to have worked with both Marvel and DC,  is revered by comic fans for his work on Guardians of the Galaxy,  The Suicide Squad, and Peacemaker.

Kevin Feige on James Gunn

James Gunn

In a  joint statement, Gunn and Safran said: “We’re honored to be the stewards of these DC characters we’ve loved since we were children. We’re excited to  invigorate the theatrical experience around  the world as we tell some of the biggest, most  beautiful, and grandest stories ever told.” Hopefully, Gunn will be able to turn  around the struggling DC Extended Universe, which appears to have been renamed the “DC  Universe.” When Gunn posted the news to Twitter, Gunn still has one foot in Marvel’s door  even as he makes his move to DC

Feige and Gunn insist that there is no rivalry between the two studios. Two seem to be as friendly as they ever were. But that hasn’t stopped fans on social media from pitting the two studio heads against each other. Now given the current scenario it will be interesting to watch how these two titans collaborate and compete together at the same time.

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