Vivek Agnihotri clarifies he is not talking about Ranveer Singh

Director Vivek Agnihotri clarifies he is talking about Bollywood Mafia Award, not Ranveer Singh

Vivek Agnihotri and Ranveer singh

On 17th October Kashmir Files Director, Vivek Agnihotri posted a series of tweets. He tweeted “one colorful Star managed to get all 10 plus awards despite his both films being a disaster and rejected by the audience”. Furthermore, he even called the show corrupt and for sale. After this tweet fan thinks he is talking about Ranveer Singh who is known for his colorful dress. Additionally Gully Boy actor won many awards for one film. So everyone assumes it has to be “Ranveer Singh”. Eventually, Vivek Agnihotri came forward and clarifies all matters and said in the record “He is talking about Bollywood Mafia Award, not Ranveer Singh.”

His exact words are “Ranveer is without a dot one of the most talented actors in Bollywood.  But eventually, the award goes to the best actors, not someone who is not doing any film or a great film. But I would like to mention that “Colourful Star” doesn’t mean Ranveer Sigh. It is not the one he is talking about. It is about how this award show is running.”. Additionally he exclaims ” I don’t care who wins the award, this award is mainly for those who have the money and can buy it or someone attending the award show can win it. Why they are calling this an award show should be called a get-together or festival where everyone meets.”

Vivek Agnihotri – The Authentic Director

The Director is well known for his real-life-based films and the sensitive topic. Like Kashmir Files which is based on the Genocide of Hindu people from Kashmir valley. Subsequently, Tashkent Files which is on the mysterious killing of Lal Bhadur Shastri. As he came into the limelight after the enormous success of Kashmir Files. Criticizes the Award show because Kashmir Files haven’t won awards in these shows. He criticizes the show by saying if this goes like this there will be no movie will be left for the award.

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