Vivek Agnihotri announces his next film : The Vaccine War

Kashmir Files director Vivek Agnihotri enjoyed massive success with the film. Now announces his next film The Vaccine War.

Vivek Agnihotri Announces his Next Film The Vaccine War

The real-life incident filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri announced his next project The Vaccine War. This is the first time filmmaker making an announcement, after the massive success of Kashmir Files. The Kashmir Files becomes the second-highest glossing in Bollywood, and Brahmastra still tops the chart. The Vaccine War will be released on Independence day (15th August) of next year. The film’s tagline is “A war you fight but didn’t know.”  According to the tagline, mostly the film will be based on Covid-19 because we are not aware of what we are fighting. Vivek made this announcement on Thursday morning. In which he shared the film poster features a Vaccine Bottle with the tagline written on it.

The filmmaker wrote the caption “Announcement: Presenting you the ‘The Vaccine War’ – an incredible story based on true events that India fought but didn’t know. And won with courage, science, and great Indian culture. It will be released on Independence Day, 2023. It will be released in 11 languages. Please give your blessing.” Furthermore, he added another tweet “for the first time in Indian cinema a film going to be released in 11 languages. It’s our humble request to help us integrate Indian cinema.”

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Vivek Agnihotri with his wife and Producer Pallavi Joshi

Vivek Agnihotri: The Vaccine War

As the name suggests the film will be based on how India fought against the Covid -19, which they are not prepared for. The film will give you in-depth knowledge of the covid situation. Furthermore, the producer of the film is Pallavi Joshi who is none other than the wife of Vivek Agnihotri. She was also with him in The Kashmir Files. Earlier the filmmakers also give the fans to guess the film’s name via Twitter. He has also given the hint like “The  ___ war “. Fans expected that it will be Army war-based films, like the Kargil war. Eventually, it turns out to be an unsung war.  It will be interesting how the making of the film will be carried out.


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