Vikram Vedha Review Hrithik Roshan And Saif Ali Khan took over everyone’s heart

Zafeer  - Writer

If you are watching Vikram Vedha for the first time, you might find pleasure in the puzzle-like plot. Hrithik Roshan who is in blazing flamboyant ferocious form the director Duo Pushkar Gayatri among the most exciting artistic voices in Contemporary Indian Cinema early this year.

Vikram Vedha story

In Vikram Vedha, there are dark turns and twists to mythology reimagining the Vikram Betal tale as the story of a cop and a criminal. Vikram is ostensibly the good guy he’s this encounter specialist with a body count higher than many killers but he sleeps well at night because he believes that he’s cleaning up the system. The film begins with a continuous single shot which establishes Vikram’s easy Authority and camaraderie with his team the action sequence which follows also establishes the casualness with which he kills Vikram. Looks at the world with this simple blunt edged view that neatly separates people and actions into innocent or guilty black or white. As he tells a junior meanwhile Veda is the stuff of myth he’s a legendary gangster.

Vikram Vedha



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