Vanraj decline the marriage of Pakhi and Adhik

Vanraj will not allow Pakhi to meet with Adhik.

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

On moment occasion, Kavya makes tea for the Shahs. Anupama comes to the kitchen. She tries to help Kavya. She stops Anupama from doing any work. Anupama sees her hand and asks how did she get hurt. Kavya serves tea to Anupama. She further says that everyone was veritably happy. She further added that she’ll take care of the house and can not see Vanraj and Leela upset. Kavya shares with Anupama that she can not handle situations like hers but she wants to try.

Anupama decides to talk to Vanraj. Kavya says that she’ll find it strange to talk about Pakhi with Vanraj. She asks Anupama to start talkingalso, she decides to give medicine to Leela. Anupama talk to Vanraj about Pakhi. Jignesh and Hasmukh try to please Leela. Hasmukh tells Leela to take her medicine on time. Leela is upset about Pakhi’s future. Hasmukh asks Leela not to worry. He asks Leela to take care of her health. Kavya convinces Leela to take the medicine.

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Vanraj regrets that his child is giving him pain

Vanraj looks at his palm. Anupama asks what he’s thinking. He says that he’s wondering if he bothers Leela and Hasmuk so much. He wonders why his kiddies are giving him so important pain and want to end his life. Anupama says that if everything will fall into its place by giving life all effects would be good. She boosts his morale and says that no problem can last long. He shares his concern about Pakhi and living in the same room. Anupama tells that nothing has happened between Pakhi and Adhik. Vanraj says what if Pakhi will do the same mistake again. He says that he can not trust Adhik. Anupama asks him to take a rest. She asks him to handle Pakhi’s case calmly.

Anupama and Vanraj plan to talk to Pakhi and move her that he’s wrong. He tells Anupama to move Barkha to send Adhik to America, or else, he’ll lose his cool. Kavya says it’s good that Kinjal went to Rakhi’s house. Latterly he asks Kavya to sleep with Pakhi and catch her mobile. Hasmukh is against Vanraj’s decision, and he talks about Pakhi’s marriage. He says that Pakhi doesn’t know the meaning of marriage. Pakhi asks him to explain the meaning of marriage. She talks to Shah and tries to convert him to marry her to Adhik. Leela comes in support of Pakhi. Anuj also favors Pakhi and Adhik’s decision to get wedded. Vanraj gets angry at Anuj for bringing up Adhik’s marriage offer. He confronts Anuj. Anuj remained silent.

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