Urvashi Rautela Video: Rautela said sorry to Rishabh Pant.

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

Urvashi Rautela has been in constant discussion for a few days. The actress is making headlines not because of any of her film projects, but because of her association with cricketers. A few days ago Urvashi said about Indian cricketer Rishabh Pant that he had come to his hotel and waited for him for hours. Apart from this, he also called Rishabh as a Chhotu Bhaiya in her Instagram post. Now a video is going viral, in which She is seen apologizing with folded hands in the name of ‘Mr Rp’.

Apologized with folded hands:

Urvashi was spotted by the team of Insta Bollywood during a recent award show. Where she was asked some questions talking the name of “Rp”. on which the actress said no nonsense. Urvashi was asked by the reporter, ‘Do you any message for Rp, you are twisting things but i am asking directly’. So Urvashi said, ‘Sidhi baat no nonsense and therefore i will not do any nonsense’. When the reporter again asked the actress if she had any message for Rp, Urvashi said, ‘All i want to say is…Umm…forgive me. The actress also folded her hands while saying her hands. Watch the video here:

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Let us tell you that during an interview in August, the actress had said that ‘Mr. Rp’ waited for about 10 hours in the lobby of her hotel to meet her while the actress was sleeping in the room and made him wait so long. He felt bad for it. After this statement, Rishabh Pant shared a post in his insta story and said, “It is strange how people lie in interviews to get some cheap popularity and headlines. It is sad how some people are so thirsty to be famous. God bless them.’


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