TVF Tripling – Season 3 Web Series Review

From quota Factory to panchayat to hostel days to Good Luck almost every TVF series is somewhere rooted in reality.

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Tripling characters Chandan Chanchal and Chitwan are back for more spunky sibling adventures and leisurely life lessons but what season 3 of TVF’s Stripling has to offer, let us know in this honest review.

TVF Tripling S3

At its best like in season 1 tripling is a simplistic convenient but wonderful series a family fairy tale full of heart and humor season 3 is clearly the biggest and best-looking chapter thus far. While the series remains just as light Lively and watchable it’s also uneven but before we get into it let the record show that I will forever fall at the feet of TVF for giving us another five-episode season and being so forgiving with their runtime say what you want about their shows but they will never overstay their welcome and stretch their narratives Beyond Breaking Point.


Season 3 of the Z5 series picks up in a post-lockdown world after writing a best-selling book called tripling based on their season 1 road trip experiences. Followed by a second book that fell flat. Chandan played by Sumit Vyas is now struggling with writer’s block. Whereas Chanchal played by Manvi Gagaru continues to live the Royal life with their husband Pranav. Played by one of my favorite comedic performers Kunal Roy Kapoor. Who seems to be forever cursed to play the endearing husband. Amol Parashar’s lovably laid-back Chitwan is off fighting a custody battle for his adopted son.

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Still, of course, the DNA of this show demands a dramatic life event that forces the siblings to come together once again and go on another adventurous Journey both literally and emotionally. But what inspires the impromptu trip this time it’s that their parents played by a Charming Kumud Mishra and Shahnaz Patel. They have decided to separate after more than 30 years of marriage. Forcing the three kids to visit their family home in Manali and try to talk some sense into them.



What’s interesting about tripling is that it’s in many ways TVF’s most Fantastical show. From Quota Factory to Panchayat to Hostel days to Good Luck almost every TVF series is somewhere rooted in reality. In its tone and characters tripling is the most animated of the lot a fluffy feel-good fanciful fairy tale.

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