Tunisha Sharma case, Kangana appealed to PM Modi, said- action should be taken without trial

Sheezan Khan is in Police Custody for Tunisha Sharma Death

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Police investigation into TV actress Tunisha Sharma suicide case is in full swing. Many people are being questioned. At the same time, Tunisha’s co-star Sheezan Khan is in police custody. In this case, many angles are coming out one after the other. Meanwhile, the post-mortem report of Tunisha has also come to the fore. Now actress Kangana Ranaut has shared her views on Tunisha’s death. She urged the government to make laws for the safety of women in India.

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Kangana shared reacts to Tunisha Sharma death case

Actress Kangana Ranaut shared her thoughts on Tunisha Sharma’s death on Instagram Stories. In a long note, Kangana wrote, ‘A woman can face everything from losing love, marriage, relationship or even family, but she can never tolerate that her love story was never loved. Rather, she was just being exploited in the name of love. Her love was simply to be used and abused physically and emotionally.Kangana further said, ‘She could not trust her belief, if she decides to end her life then in such a situation it does not matter whether someone lives or dies, but this belief is not of Tunisha Sharma alone. Was She hasn’t done this alone? This is a murder.’

In her next post, Kangana wrote, ‘I request Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi that like Krishna stood up for Draupadi like Ram took a stand for Sita, we also hope to make a strong law against polygamy. There should be an immediate death penalty without trial for crimes like an acid attack against women and chopping them into pieces. Let us tell you that in connection with Tunisha’s death, her co-star Sheezan Khan is in police custody. The actress’s mother has accused Sheezan Khan of abetting her suicide. Now let’s see what will happen next in the case.

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