Tunisha Sharma Death Updates: Sneha Wagh hurt by Tunisha Sharma’s death

The actress commits suicide in boyfriend Sheezan Khan's makeup room

Jalpana Mohanty
Jalpana Mohanty

Sneha Wagh, who  seen in the show Shere Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh with late actress Tunisha Sharma. She has expressed grief over the death of the actress. He also said that Tunisha Sharma was a very happy-go-lucky girl. Sneha Wagh worked in a show with the late Tunisha Sharma. He has expressed grief over the death of Tunisha Sharma.

The actress committed suicide in her boyfriend’s make-up room on the sets of Alibaba Dastane Qubool on Saturday. In this case, her boyfriend and co-actor Sheezan Mohammad Khan have been arrested. Sections of abetment to suicide have been imposed on them. These days Tunisha is seen in a negative role in the TV show ‘Na Age Ki Seema Ho’. She was a fun-loving person. The audience is also shocked to hear this news.

What Sneha Wagh Says about Tunisha Sharma?

When she came to know about Tunisha’s death, she was shocked. Describing this, Sneha Wagh says, ‘Tunisha was a very nice girl. We have worked together. She was a happy-go-lucky girl but everyone has another side. Mental health is still not common in India. We do not pay attention to our mental health. We need to pay a lot of attention to this. I know his mother. I feel so bad for them. Tribute to her from my side.

Tunisha Sharma’s breakup happened 15 days before with her boyfriend Sheezan Mohammad Khan

Sneha Wagh later adds, ‘We live in a very strange society. They want us to be happy but our faces show sadness. They judge us and pay too much attention to us as actors. According to the FIR lodged with the police, Tunisha Sharma was in a relationship with Sheezan Mohammad Khan and they had a breakup 15 days ago and she was stressed about it. Now, let’s wait for the police’s response.

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