The Biggest Bollywood 3-Day Grosser ‘Pathaan’, “I feel incredible,” said Siddharth Anand

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Bollywood movie becomes the highest 3-day grosses in the history of Indian cinema. Director feels 'incredible'

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The Shah Rukh Khan starrer Bolly “Pathaan,” the most recent film from director Siddharth Anand, has now produced the largest opening weekend in Hindi film history with a Day 3 worldwide revenue of Rs 313 crore.
After a four-year absence, SRK is back on the big screen with this movie. This movie is an action-spy. The role Salman Khan played in the “Tiger” films, which are also a part of the new shared universe created by YRF, makes a prolonged cameo appearance. Siddharth, who previously helmed “War,” another instalment of the YRF spy universe, has declared that the records he has broken would inspire him to push boundaries in order to produce more cinematic wonders like “Pathaan” on a grand scale.

“It feels incredible to deliver the biggest 3-day collection in the history of Hindi cinema,” Siddharth Anand

In a statement regarding “Pathaan,” he added, “It feels incredible to deliver the biggest 3-day collection in the history of Bollywood. For someone, who is passionately committed to his craft, this is simply a phenomenal result that will inspire me to push the envelope of cinema in India even further.”

Shah Rukh Khan

“Making spectacle films that entertain audiences and provide the best collective viewing experience has always been my personal goal. With the majority of my films, I have attempted to do that. I’m feeling even more confident to push my team and me to strive to produce greater spectacles. That can make India proud on the international stage in the wake of the success of “War” and “Pathaan.”

Bollywood movie breaking all records

With its opening weekend record, “Pathaan” also achieved two new feats. First, it became the first Hindi film to gross more than 300 crores in its opening weekend. Second, it broke the record for fastest Hindi film to cross 300 crores worldwide.

Pathaan earned 38 crore net on Day 3, a regular business day, while dubbed forms brought in 1.25 crore net. Day 3’s total revenue for Bollywood was 39.25 crore net (47 crores gross).

In Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, “Pathaan” was released on January 25, the day before Republic Day 2023

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