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'Tum jante ho ki tum insani ki sabse badi galti kya hai?..tum bhagwaan mein toh mante hai par bhagwaan ki ek nahi mante.' 

Zafeer  - Writer

Thank God the cast and Narrative

Thank God stars Siddharth Malhotra, Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet Singh, and Nora Fatihi. Siddharth Malhotra’s screen presence is a special brand of eye-watering incompetence when he acts it’s as though he keeps one word in his head and hands that angry sad happy excited he has what I call confused eyes they’re always searching unconvinced unsure lurking for meaning or context or just a way out. Malhotra is coasting along a career that has been thrust upon him when he’s staring at someone say a lover his gaze is so inward looking so oriented towards himself his hair his Beauty he’s incapable of intensity it’s the kind of minimal acting you tend to forgive for being so pretty.

Story and characters

Ayan Kapoor scraped from the bottom of the masculine Barrel he’s jealous of the success of his wife played by Rakul Preet Singh who performs diligently the role of the diligent police officer, deluded that he could do her job better he’s also deeply angry and resentful for the loans rejected and the businesses failed broken by a car accident his soul is stuck between death and life and he’s forced to play a game with yamdut and CG played Ajay Devgn CG is shot for Chitragupta the Hindu god who is the accountant of once Karma but in a black suit disappeared into the 21st century there are two up sir has who flank him dressed like a magician’s assistant in skimpy clothes.

Thank God

CG gives Ayan various situations where his personality emerges his anger his lust his greed and the way he takes his mother’s love and his wife’s career for granted. CG is the moral center of the film CG isn’t an accountant as much as he is a cane-wielding therapist trying to make Ayan a better human often he breaks the fourth wall addressing Ayan narratively but spectatorially too. ‘Tum jante ho ki tum insani ki sabse badi galti kya hai?..tum bhagwaan mein toh mante hai par bhagwaan ki ek nahi mante.’


The tone of this film is broken often scenes feel like comic actors in a melodrama or melodramatic actors in a comic film the mismatch is jarring as the movie sometimes urges the viewers to introspect and sometimes due to lack of acting skill feels falling apart. We will discuss the verdict and final parts of the movie in the second review.


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