Tamannaah-Vijay Verma: Tamannaah Bhatia is dating Vijay Varma? Both celebrated New Year together

Tamannaah-Vijay Verma are seen many times together before. But on the new year eve they celebrated together.

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

The affair between hero-heroines is not a new thing in Bollywood. These days two new stars of Bollywood are in limelight for the news of their affair. We are talking about Tamannaah-Vijay Verma. According to the reports, both have celebrated the New Year together. Let us tell you that the news of affair between the two has been coming out for a long time. Meanwhile, a video of them during the New Year celebration has fueled the news of their dating. This video is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

Tamannaah-Vijay Verma are dating each other?

According to media reports, Vijay Verma and Tamannaah Bhatia are dating each other. Both are being seen as a new couple in Bollywood. Meanwhile, now a video is going viral on social media and it is being told that both of them celebrated New Year together. Please tell that the viral video of both is being told from Goa.

In the viral video both Tamannaah and Vijay Verma are seen together. Both can be seen dancing fiercely with each other. In this video, Vijay Verma is seen wearing a white shirt. At the same time, Tamannaah Bhatia is seen in glitter pink color short dress. Both are seen enjoying the New Year party together. After this video, the dating discussions between the two have intensified.

Tamannaah-Vijay Verma have spotted many times together

Let us tell you that often the news of Tamanna and Vijay’s affair keeps coming to the fore. Both have been spotted with each other many times. Tamanna has celebrated her 33rd birthday on 21 December 2022. On this occasion too, Vijay was seen at Tamanna’s house. However, both have kept silence in this matter. Please tell that Tamanna was seen in ‘Babli Bouncer’ last year. At the same time, Vijay Verma played the role of Alia Bhatt’s cruel husband in the film ‘Darlings’.

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