Taapsee Pannu ATTEMPTS to bring thriller in Blurr

The Taapsee Pannu movies are so taken by the idea of being a thriller, it kind of sort of forgets to actually bring the thrills.

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Taapsee Pannu in her movie Blurr is almost the same as she is in her other movies. The movie was so taken by the idea of being a thriller, it kind of sort of forgets to actually bring the thrills. ‘Ankhen band kar ke logon ko dekho, wo aur behtar nazar ate hai’.

Taapsee Pannu starrer Blurr’s Plot

Taapsee Pannu is in the double of Gayatri and Gautami, kind of estranged twin sisters. One night Gayatri has a bad feeling about her sister who lives alone in a haunted house. With her husband, Neil played by Gulshan Devaiah. Gayatri goes to visit Gautami only to find her fears were correct and they find out that Gautami has died the night before.

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Gayathri decides to investigate her sister’s untimely death. While dealing with a medical condition that is making her eyesight rapidly deteriorate (hence the blur). Blindness goes as a metaphor as difficult as the condition is for people who live with it it lends itself very well to cinematic storytelling.

The thrill of a murder mystery

Across genres, murder mystery thrillers are the most common using blindness to make larger points about what we choose to see in society. What’s invisible to us here as well while commenting on invisible people who work all around us the movie doesn’t seem to quite understand how to make a deeper point. Most of the fault lies with a jumpy borderline incoherent screenplay and what seems like hurried filmmaking.

Taapsee Pannu

Some plots don’t so much merge into each other as they skip disjointedly from action to action. Gayatri’s pain at having lost her sister is simply not allowed to ferment and turn into any real emotion that will make a viewer’s heart weep for her. Even when another tragedy befalls we are shown the incident only to hurriedly set up another character’s entry. Disregarding the need to explore the change in Gayatri’s personality this fresh tragedy should bring. How that might impact the outcome of this mystery.

What went wrong with Blurr and Taapsee Pannu

I couldn’t understand why scenes in this movie so abruptly cut into each other and an eye operation in a hospital to two strangers suddenly kissing had very little connective tissue in between breaking a window pane and seemingly opening the door lock with a very visible.


According to the audience, Taapsee Pannu is not very into her character. Her performance has very little to give. Her strangely rigid expressions here make it difficult to believe that she believes in the character she’s playing. Gulshan, who always makes acting look too easy. Sadly he has been afforded very little room to provide anything as a performer. He might be the most noticeable performer in this cast.


Blurr is the third remake this year for Taapsee. The third association with filmmaker Oreo Paulo’s work makes of that what you will the film is streaming now on Z5 thank you for coming this far. Stay tuned on Bollywood Friday for interesting insights like this.

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