Sunny Hinduja : Recall a moment when He Had No Work at all

Sunny Hinduja recalled a moment when he has no work to do but suddenly after Web Series The Family Man and UPSC Aspirants, how time changes for him

Sunny Hinduja

Sunny Hinduja is one of those actors who don’t have any background. The actor got fame from the web series The Family Man. The actor was last seen in the Youtube web series Aspirants(20121)  and the Amazon web series The Family Man 2. The actor recalled getting this much fame is not easy for him, he had to prove everyone. Though the actor has a 17-year-long career, the actor wishes his current status from the initial days of his career. Sunny told the media “There is a moment in my life I haven’t an option to choose work. Whatever option I have I have to grab them as I do not have any backup plans. Also, there was a time when I had no work at all for continuous 3-4 years. Eventually waited for a year for the time to change.

Furthermore, the actor added, “Then I got an international offer and OTT(Over The Top) projects till Aspirants happen and after that, you know what happened.”.

Sunny Hinduja in Aspirants

Sunny seen grateful for what he has today and says ” Ab Thoda Sahi hai (Now Everything is good), I have work, and filmmakers are considering me for important roles. Currently, I am working on a series and have Shehzada which features Kartik Aaryan. So it is a journey of sorts but still, I got to learn so many things from Kartik Aaryan, Who is an outsider but left a mark. Manoj Bajpayee Sir has always been an inspiration for me.”

Aspirants is a show which depicts the story of a UPSC Aspirant. What different individual goes when he/she prepares for the UPSC Examination? Sunny Hinduja portrays the character of an unsuccessful guy who couldn’t attempt UPSC after 5th attempt. Decided to leave the preparation as his financial condition was not good. But after a series of events in his life, he was satisfied with the less position. Everyone liked the role he plays and appreciate the effort.

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