Striking rebound of Taapsee Pannu in new coming movie Dobaara

Bollywood movie Dobaara is scheduled for releasing on 19th of August , agitated reactions from the crowd

Prerna Dash
Prerna Dash

Over again Taapsee Pannu well known star sprung up in film named Dobaara. It contrived as completely brimming with suspense including some scientifically fiction reasons. The trailer has been declared recently on 27th of July and full  movie scheduled for releasing on 19th of August in 2022. Cultivating the theme assuming through out the trailer sounds mystery. Being a director of the film Anurag Kashyap and the producer Ekta Kapoor collaborating third time with Taapsee. After a bit hit of Thappad and Haseen Dilruba she got a push over in Bollywood industry. Solitary successful actress persuade by her fans, exclusively noted for women empowerment. This time she came up with a contrasting role in Dobaara , which is encouraged by a Spanish film Mirage.


After coming out the trailer, it been gathered an agitated reactions from the crowd. Sense of emotion to the viewers  expecting something high. An interesting style on play screen bring out by Anurag Kashyap and Ekta Kapoor. Fundamentals using create a films were taking the spot light of their fans. Execution of scary moments were tremendous and  eye-grabbing, that engage the viewers. Significantly people are bide one’s time for the outcome of whole on screen theater.

Shocking bit of the film

 Taapsee in DobaraScene from Dobaara

To begin with it contain three dimension timelines for the extraction. To cleave the excitement the dynamic has been created because of conversations between a person in the future and the past. However, the show conjunction with the theme of murder thriller and time-travel. The film makers here, tries to holding in a puzzle for the audiences . closely the construction of the picture predicted on the alternate – universe. It  all appears to be, a happily married women moves into a new house with her family. Abruptly an occurrence transpire to the lady that leads people into the confusion.

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