Sonakshi Sinha Mom always told her to Lose Weight

Sonakshi Sinha replied to her mom when she was constantly scolded for losing some kilos.

Poonam Sinha Always told her Daughter Sonakshi to lose weight.

Shatrugan Sinha’s Daughter Sonakshi Sinha is always confident about her body shape. Her latest film Double XL based on the theme of what problems overweight women face. While promoting the film the actress told the media she was always body shamed at her home. It came from a person who is very close to her. Double XL also features Huma Qureshi. Satram Ramani is the director of the film. The film is already in cinemas. Though there is no updated Box office collection. Meanwhile, in the promotion of the film, Sonakshi revealed how her mom always scold her for her weight. Sonakshi Sinha’s mother is Poonam Sinha who was an actress but now turned into a politician.

Sonakshi agrees with the fact that child conditioning begins at home. The actress told the Firstpost, ” Absolutely child conditioning begins at home. I remember my mother always kept telling me to lose weight, and when someone keeps telling me the same thing. The child always did the opposite thing that he/she was told to do. When my mother said the same thing it struck me at the bottom of my heart that I need to do something about my body.” Furthermore, the actress thinks her mother was right when you see people on the big screen, it should look right.

Sonakshi Sinha Bollywood Debut

Sonakshi Sinha is the daughter of Veteran actors Shatrughan and Poonam Sinha. She made her Bollywood debut alongside Salman Khan in Dabangg (2010). Earlier in making the debut Sonakshi’s weight is about 95 kg, but for the film, she reduced 30kg.

Sonakshi Sinha before the film Dabangg

She always shared her weight transformation journey on her social media Instagram. She continues the gym from 18 years of age and now she couldn’t away from the gym. She told the media  “I was huffing and puffing just roping the stairs so then I decided to lose weight. Not because I wanted to become to an actress but for the betterment of myself.”|


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