Shushant Singh Rajput was murdered, Faisal Khan Khan`s sensational disclosure said, the truth will come out soon…

Raushan Kumar
Raushan Kumar

It has been 2 dates since Shushant Singh Rajput passed away, the riddle of his death has not been answered till date. The CBI has not yet submitted the check report after finishing its disquisitionNow a shocking statement has come out in this case. Aamir Khan s relative Faisal Khan has revealed that Shushant Singh Rajput didn’t commit self-murder but was boggled.

Faisal Khan spoke on Shushant Singh Rajput:

Faisal Khan is in the news due to his rearmost interview. During this, he also spoke openly on Nepotism, Boycott and the death of Shushant Singh Rajput. He said,” I know that he didn’t commit self-murder but he was boggled. There are numerous loopholes in his self-murder storyAlso said that i supplicate that the verity comes out soon.

Yes Bollywood has nepotism’

In this interview, Faisal Khan easily said that Sushant Singh was boggled. All the agencies are engaged, yet the verity has not come to the fore. I slip know when the reality will come in front of everyone. I supplicate that people come to know the verity soonSpeaking on nepotism, he said that yes there’s nepotism in the film assiduity. You’ll get work but if people don’t like also you can not survive in Bollywood for long.

Boycott is also justified

Faisal Khan also said that there’s a pism in the film assiduity and if you aren’t in any group also problems will arise. The Mela fame actor also also justified the boycott trend of flicks running on social media. He said that people are showing their reality on social media. How will an honest person like me survive thenimportant person won’t let him rise. A new actor comes, he’s not allowed to move forward, he again becomes Shushant Singh.

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